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Welcome to Manfred Liebmann's Parallel Toolbox!

The Parallel Toolbox is a C++ template library for the parallelization of linear algebra routines.
You can use the toolbox to develop parallel PDE solvers and preconditioners.

Parallel Toolbox Source Code

The source code for the Parallel Toolbox can be downloaded from the Sourceforge website.

Required software

To run the example application

  1. tar -xzf simulation.tgz
  2. tar -xzf toolbox.tgz
  3. cd toolbox/example
  4. make
  5. mpirun -np 4 ./example-cg

Supported platforms

The code is designed to be OS-portable not using any platform specific code. Tested platforms:

A recent C++ compiler is required, that supports templates. These compilers have been tested:

Parallel Toolbox Documentation

You can download a paper outlining the parallelization strategy of the toolbox and the basic usage of the communication functions.
Some design strategies for the second iteration of the toolbox currently under development are outlined in a draft paper.
The HTML documentation of the Parallel Toolbox provides details for all functions in the template library.

Further Resources

Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
University of Graz, Institute for Mathematics and Scientific Computing
Johannes Kepler University Linz, Institute for Analysis and Computational Mathematics
Austrian Grid Project

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